Because the shipping times are very unpredictable at the moment we are not shipping to any places with below freezing temperatures until further notice. The “Heat Packs” are good for only 72 hours and it is impossible to know if the shipping services will make it on time. We can only ship it to you if you want to take the risk and assume full responsibility.

If you want to order and your area is forecasted to be below freezing you have options, first you could ask us to hold your shipment until the weather turns warmer or you could order “Heat Packs” if you decide for a heat pack we would strongly recommend using UPS 2 Day service.

If you want your order to be shipped when the temperature in your area is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit we have the option of shipping using “Heat Packs”, these packs are widely used when shipping plants and animals and even though they are very reliable they are not absolutely safe, their chance of failure is very small but still exists. The use of ore than one pack usually reduces the chance of failure significantly. We by no means are responsible for any consequences derived of “Heat Packs” malfunctioning or shipping times delayed.

If you decide to use “Heat Packs” the manufacturer recommends the use of a single pack for 1 cu.ft, this should last about 72 hours, that should be enough for USPS Priority Mail if there are no delays caused by storms or other factors. This pack should increase the temperature in the box by 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because we have to insulate your order better and use a bigger box the price of the pack is higher than the pack itself, this helps us compensate the extra materials and shipping charges included in sending your order with Heat Packs.

Price of each “Heat Pack” $6.5