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  Henrique Graf, Christine Graf de Romero, 

  Claudia Graf, Karin Graf. 

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Top Row: Jose G. Guevara, Domestic Sales; Odalis Vargas, Lab Technician; David Cabeza, Bromeliad Grower; Christine Graf, Lab and General Manager, General Inspector; Jose G. Aular, Stud House and Seedlings grower; Claudia Graf, General Administrator, Head Bromeliad Grower; Rafael Romero, Import and Export Manager; Jesus Jaramillo, Orchid Grower and Driver; Nelson Iroba, Bromeliad Grower. 

Bottom Row:Dr. Carlos Garcia Esquivel, Head Breeder; Henrique Graf, President; Juan Pedro Gutierrez, Head Orchid Grower; Ramon Balza, Orchid Repotting King.  

Plantío La Orquídea is a family owned business, working since 1952, started as a very small operation and now has approximately 1,5 Hectares of covered greenhouses. In the beginning, and because of the characteristics of the Venezuelan economy at the time, the business was one of importing and growing plants, but that has changed drastically since 1986, when our Laboratory started producing our own hybrids and species. We now have the largest Orchid Production Laboratory in Venezuela, with more than 3.000 flasks, more than half of those are species.
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